Supply Chain Risk


Can tracking supplier intelligence across the entire value chain of an organization daily, help to reduce business risk and identify opportunities for productivity, innovation and growth? 

In a time where the world has put forth volatility as the new norm, businesses cannot afford to lag in the knowledge of products or services they buy, their alternatives and the progress of new developments within the industry. 

Nowigence's InsightTM is your virtual analyst, tracking and tracing events/news beyond just Tier 1 of the chain. It researches changes in trends in over 50 categories that are critical for business. It extracts and stores information on your market/supplier insight platform. Every piece of information is evaluated for whether it poses a risk or brings an opportunity for you. Prior to any meeting with any supplier, just push a button and get a up to date report of all events reported in media or collected by another member of your team during their interaction with outside companies or industry. Armed with relevant information, you are ready for the supplier meeting that will generate more value and better discussion.