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Read What our customers are saying – How Pluaris has solved the problems around handling information and helps in getting insights from it. 

Portrait of GP Gurnani, CEO of Tech Mahindra

CP Gurnani

CEO & MD, Tech Mahindra

“Nowigence has a powerful AI platform. Over the last 5 years we’ve come to rely on the product to get AI interpretive intelligence in real-time on topics of interest to us and our clients. Training machines with human-like cognitive capabilities to assist business professionals in decision-making is difficult and complex. I’m impressed with the progress that Nowigence has made. I expect them to advance ML/NLP techniques to usher the knowledge era for the business world.”

Sanders Jacob speaks on competitive intelligence reports from research assistant, Pluaris Insight

Sanders Jacob

Head of Global Sales, Renewance

“Renewance operates in the emerging market for industrial battery end-of-life recycling services. Comprehensive market studies are not really available for our niche. Most of the relevant business intelligence that we need is typically embedded in press releases, web postings, articles in trade magazines and conference reports. We are using Nowigence to comb through all possible available external information sources to build up our institutional knowledge on the overall market size, identify emerging opportunities, and competitive threats. As such it has been aiding in prospecting and providing market insights for our business plan.”

Shyam Kapur

Shyam Kapur

Founder & CEO, TipTop Technologies

“Nowigence is a confluence of the best in people, process, and AI technology. They have a product that quickly fits the working life of a business professional.”

Jomon Joseph presenting to a group

Jomon Joseph

Head Of Business Enablement, Tech Mahindra

“We have been using Pluaris – the AI Robot developed by Nowigence since early 2017. Over 175 rainmakers in Tech Mahindra use the Engine daily to hone their expertise and knowledge. They win with clients, both existing and new, as they are able to grasp client’s issues holistically. Pluaris delivers what it promises of comprehending data using machine learning and natural language processing to gain human-like interpretive intelligence in real-time.”

Kashyapa Kanti Sahu

Kashyapa Kanti Sahu

Asst. Prof., Deptt.Of Comp. Science, Panchanan College Of Mgmt And Technology

“Being a prominent research institution in the region, we’ve been able to reduce the amount of time it takes to conduct our research. Each faculty member is using Pluaris to quickly gather information, organize key intelligence, and finalize their analysis quicker than ever. We no longer spend countless hours trying to find the right information, it comes to us!”


Samhaa R. El-Beltagy

Dean of Information Technology at Newgiza University (ngu.edu.eg) Egypt.

“Pluaris has been created as a generic platform but it has the same value as if it was customized to a specific domain.”


Anusha Judith D'Souza

Researcher, French Language.
University of Mumbai

“I like how Pluaris search findings are very targeted and relevant to my search questions. The  Notebook feature is also extremely helpful. I do hope Pluaris adds more foreign languages to its algorithms So that researchers can benefit more.”


Bijal Oza

Researcher, French Language.
University of Mumbai

“I Used Pluaris and found the following features very interesting, remarkable & unique, e.g. NoteBook and its ‘Share‘ option. It seems FILTER is a very useful option and its SAVE & MODIFY options are making it very beneficial. INPUT is also very useful as we can do QUICK UPLOAD & MONITOR our search saved in the profile”.

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