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Voice Activated Technology

The Siri Series

While products like Siri and Alexa bring convenient ways to interact with machines, we tend to still get frustrated with their limitations. This is in part due to the underlying technology; Siri and Alexa are both trained to identify keywords.

Our frustration comes from the complexity to which languages are spoken and interpreted. If you say, “Siri tell me I love you” – Siri is not able to understand the question. However, if you say “Siri say I love you” – Siri will recognize the keyword and repeat back to you, I love you. For keyword trained machines they are not able to identify the relationship between “tell” and “say” and are therefore not able to perform the task.

Linguistically trained machines understand commands more like a human would and identify the relationships within the words that are being said. This means higher accuracy when communicating with machines and less frustration for the human user.

Linguistic training is the foundation for being able to use fully voice-operated machines of the future.

We’ve created the Siri Series to give real-life videos and stories on the current voice-activated technology versus where we see our product, Pluaris, in the future and what to expect from linguistically trained machines that are integrated with all the applications you use in your everyday life.

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