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64% of B2B decision makers say they won’t engage a salesperson if the communication is not personalized. They are constantly receiving cold emails and calls backed without any kind of relevant sales intelligence, so the response rates are abysmal. But, finding relevant sales intelligence with the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day is an impossible task without the help of technology.

Pluaris™ will equip you with the latest and most accurate insight about your current customers or prospects. Discover the numerous sales signals and pain points beforehand, to create customized messaging tailored to each prospect and start having more powerful conversations the moment the meeting begins. Accelerate the customer buying cycle by utilizing tools that deliver highly personalized insights about your customers buying needs such as benchmarking key drivers for similar deals that occurred in the past. You will know how to be in sync with buyer needs and prioritize competitive intelligence in their overall sales approach strategy by using automation to yield near-real-time results that drive more effective sales activity and customer interactions.

With our CRM and team collaboration integration capabilities your sales team can stay organized throughout the entire sales process, so your engagement data (touch points) can be automatically logged across all communication channels. Pluaris™ allows the user to be equipped and prepared with meaningful information before engaging potential customers.

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