Identifying Opportunities

Sales reps are wasting much of their time and effort on research to identify opportunities. In fact, 24% of their time is spent on a combination of identifying and qualifying targets. Sales reps spend 60 minutes on average to qualify each lead using archaic processes such as conducting google searches or scouring LexisNexis for relevant intelligence. None of these methods are automated, which results in much time and effort being wasted.

Pluaris™ uses automation to extract and alert users in real-time of events such as executive moves, expansion plans, and favorable regulatory changes that present a lucrative opportunity. Our active learning platform uses machine learning to gather this intelligence from both structured and unstructured data, so nothing slips through the cracks. Pluaris becomes more powerful as more data is ingested from millions of data points daily. The various tools within Pluaris such as benchmarking, scenario analysis, and automated reporting will arm you with the necessary sales intelligence to ensure your sales team’s energy is focused on revenue generating tasks. Automatically create forward looking calendar events to anticipate future demand and reach out to your current clientele or prospects at the right time. Allow our platform to identify opportunities that will improve sales effectiveness, productivity and increase win rates within your organization.


23  %
Higher lead conversion rates
> 20  %
Better quota achievement
84  %
Improvement in productivity

Ready to start identifying more opportunities?