Institutional Memory

There is an increasing amount of intelligence about customers, competitors, products, and best practices known to only certain employees. But, this tribal knowledge is effectively useless if it only remains in the memory of certain people. Lets also remember, the human memory is short lived and anyone can forget things. Even worse, what happens if an employee leaves? Well, if the intelligence is not captured, it leaves with the employee. With the average turnover rate of a salesperson increasing to 34%, according to the Bridge Group, this problem is only getting worse.

In today’s competitive market, companies need to take advantage of all available intelligence to become more efficient and effective. Think about how much more efficient onboarding new sales reps would be if prior knowledge was readily available and could be easily passed down? But, most companies don’t have a solution in place to capture tribal knowledge and organize it, so that it can be shared with the rest of the organization.

Knowing that knowledge is a terrible thing to waste, Nowigence developed Pluaris™. Our platform provides users the capability to upload their own intelligence and share it across team members. Pluaris™ further applies artificial intelligence to each upload, automatically organizing it into relevant categories and extracting important signals to be used across various features. Eliminating the loss knowledge, our solution creates an institutional memory shared and accessible across the company.


23  %
Higher lead conversion rates
> 20  %
Better quota achievement
50  %
Increase in new hire productivity

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