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Without the right technologies, big data can be overwhelming, rather than empowering. The information overload problem is growing bigger. Two decades ago, only journalists had access to press and media. Not anymore. Within organizations too, chat rooms, audio recordings, and meeting notes carry a wealth of information.

Pluaris is an active learning platform that helps with key content mining, categorization, storage, understanding cause and effect and learning from past behaviors and alerting when similar conditions manifest in the future. It is impossible for any human to do this on their own. Businesses struggle to decide which opportunities to pursue.

Lead generation is a key focus of any sales organization. It’s easy to buy a list of leads with email contacts of your target audience. Hiring people to send email blasts or call targets is easy too. Pluaris delivers much more and learns to take care of the more difficult and time consuming tasks. It helps sales professional to prioritize which opportunities to pursue. The quality improves over time as it is an active learning platform. It discovers close relatives through relation extraction and cohort discovery. It nurtures each lead by updating intelligence daily from internal and external sources. It alerts and delivers the best approach strategy to communicate with existing clients to upsell and identify new prospects based on many different perspectives like products, applications, substitute solutions, geography, features, demand drivers and others.

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