Use Cases


  • - 300% More Likely to Close Deals
  • - Gain 4 Times More Relevant Leads
  • - Personalized & Tailored Communication


On average it takes 60-minutes to identify and qualify one lead. Sales reps are spending more than 30% of their time prospecting. With Pluaris your sales team becomes 10 times more efficient, leading to increased sales.

Our AI platform blends data from internal sources (CRM, Email, Slack, etc.) and external sources (media, blogs, etc.) to automatically extract actionable intelligence and present it in a way that is easy to understand. This intel can be used to tailor your messaging and personalize your pitch ahead of the big meeting. Pluaris uses active learning to generate leads based on your ideal customer profile and alerts you in real-time.

Competitive Intelligence

  • - Daily Competitive Intelligence Reports
  • - Seamlessly Share & Store Knowledge
  • - Real-time Risk & Opportunity Alerting


Although competitive intelligence is valuable, if you have a lack of personalization or timeliness, your data and analysis can be a waste of time and resources. To effectively empower your sales team, the data collected needs to be easily distributed and digested.

Pluaris uncovers valuable insight within your entire competitive landscape and then alerts you in real-time of risks and opportunities. We automatically collect, organize, and extract intelligence from any type of business relevant data to gain deeper CI.  Keep your team up-to-date by using this knowledge to share effective objection handles, battlecards, and gain an edge over your competitors.

Institutional Memory

  • - Over 20% Increase In Quota Achievement Rate
  • - 84% Improvement In Productivity
  • - Can Be Integrated With CRM's, Email, Slack, etc.


Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created every day. For growing companies, its vital to quickly extract, interpret, and organize the most relevant data.

In today’s competitive market, companies need to take advantage of all available relevant intelligence to become more efficient and effective. Our platform not only automatically gathers data based on your inputs but also provides users the capability to upload their own data. Eliminate the risk of not getting the answer you need when you need it, our solution creates an institutional memory accessible across the company.


  • - 10 Times More Efficient Research Process
  • - Read 6000 Times Faster Than a Human
  • - Reduce Admin Work


On average, sales reps spend 21% of their time on administrative tasks when they should be focused on sales tasks. With Pluaris, we decrease the time it takes researching prospects and identifying opportunities.

We are one of the first companies in the world that can read and comprehend data in real time. Our active learning platform uses machine learning to gather this intelligence from both structured and unstructured data, so nothing slips through the cracks. By automatically extracting the hidden gems within your data, Pluaris focuses your organization on revenue generating tasks and making your sales team more effective.

Social Media

  • - Automated Content Creation
  • - AI-powered Suggested Blurbs
  • - Increase Traffic & Gain Followers


84% of C-Suite & VP-Level buyers are influenced by social media when making purchase decisions. Companies spend countless hours trying to develop viral content to increase their followers and show their expertise within their field.

Pluaris optimizes the way marketers create posts and improve engagement by quickly identifying meaningful content for improved social media campaigns. Our artificial intelligence and machine learning platform reduce costs for businesses spending too much time creating content for their social media channels.

“I would start an AI company today whose goal would be to teach computers how to read, so that they can absorb and understand all the written knowledge of the world.”

-Bill Gates