Use Cases

Sales/Account Representatives/Managers

B2B Sales professionals make critical decisions every day, deciding which prospects to reach out to, what product and service offerings to highlight, and which communication methods will work best. We deliver to each sales rep rich content, available at their fingertips to best tailor the sales process for relevance and value.

This is one of the most difficult tasks for sales professionals. Nowigence’s AI solution firstly tailors the marketplace to each users specification. No two jobs in any company are the same. Based on many different perspectives like products, applications, substitute solutions, geography, features, demand drivers and others, our AI platform constantly researches data sets and media reports to identify “cohorts” – similar prospects with larger likelihood to buy from you. Try out the product to see how we provide specific and relevant points from myriads of sources to include when approaching the right person at the right time at your prospective customer to reduce the sales cycle time. We will keep your leads funnel with great leads for you at all times.
New Product Sales
Typically, every salesperson experiences sales or customer erosion (about 5-15% every year) who decide to purchase from competition or try new products or technologies that displace or substitute the old ones. Sales team own two roles. They are the starting point who bring in new opportunities either in form of new products or new applications that their customers’ need. In addition, they are required to offset sales and customer erosion by promoting new products or new applications that have been developed by the market. Both tasks are not easy. A lot of effort is required to understand the use case of the new needs, its scalability, the growth potential, the risk and opportunities related to the new space, the players, and the investment needs. Many functions like sales, marketing, technology, strategy, and finance are involved. Typically, the opportunities presented to the Investment Board of companies are more than the investment funding available. Yet, the returns from new investment are below expectations. Nowigence can help. Identifying prospects has already been discussed above.
Product Positioning
There is no better expert other than you for the office that you hold. While you bring intelligence from your own dealings, Nowigence scours and captures events from the marketplace. The two together are powerful in creating and tracking an updated product-positioning map. Ask us for more details on how an active learning platform and AI can help price and position the products for new products or extend the product life cycles for old products.
Risk and Opportunity Tracking
Nowigence scours through media, press, and analyst coverage every day to pick out intelligence relevant to you. Many of the reports are for future dates. Our AI platform extracts all time temporal events and populates your planning calendar. Your own internal notes, emails, transcripts, presentations are additional sources when uploaded into the AI platform completes the analysis. Typically, most companies have a weekly sales and opportunities process. See how our AI platform helps you prepare and be on the top of the game every week.
Quarterly, Annual and Strategic Planning
We look at over 150 topics relevant to business on a daily basis. Impact on demand and supply of your products due to the supply chain, pricing, technology, legal and regulatory, innovation, competition, and others are tracked and trended. Ask us to demo our platform to help you and your team become more objective and aligned across functions with periodic planning cadence.
Issue Resolution
Develop your knowledge bank for field sales and technical service team members. See how AI solution can help you answer the technical and service related issues faced by customers quickly and effectively. Benchmark competition too to get a balanced overview of the issued faced within the industry.
Business Continuity
Our AI platform uploads the longitude and the latitude of all facilities, those of your clients, suppliers, and competitors. See if any man-made or natural disasters affect the supply chain. Include these in your risks and opportunities analysis.