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About Nowigence:

Nowigence monitors, collects, tracks, and presents risks and opportunities that arise externally and delivers a platform for early warning/detection, resource optimization, and institutional memory for businesses and banking/investment firms. This web-based platform structures previously unstructured information into smart data and integrates with clients’ internal operating systems.

Company History:

Nowigence was founded in 2015 by Anoop Bhatia (CEO) and Michael (Mike) McCreary (CTO). Anoop worked for GE in many non-English speaking countries in Europe. With frequent changes in his job and in countries where English language skills are not a forte, he depended on gaining external market insights quickly to assert his leadership. He had a small team of people whose main tasks were to scour the web, extract and store forward-looking views from earnings’ calls, speeches, financial statements, trade journals and other sources. In doing so, his function met business plans and could foresee risks and opportunities ahead of time.

Mike is an expert in developing technical solutions for unstructured data and has worked in this field for over 20 years. Mike was associated with a group of data scientist that had successfully extracted data using artificial intelligence techniques from doctors’ reports and notes in 2015.

While Anoop and Mike had known each other for over 10 years, it was during a meeting in Sep 2015 that the two connected the above solution (content extraction from unstructured text) and the commercial business problem (lack of tracking and tracing market events) and decided to start Nowigence.

Our Core Belief:

90% of digital information is qualitative & unorganized. It lies scattered among tens of thousands of sources - both internal and external. Organizing unstructured data in meaningful ways is laborious and for a business it can be discontinuous and duplicative. The overwhelming volume makes it impossible, without technology, to separate the wheat from the chaff to identify what truly matters to the business.

This field is often perceived to be a crowded space. Most competitors depend on manual processes for extracting content (if they do), find it difficult to scale, and often become consultancies with a project focus. A few have tested the waters of social media analytics and have achieved some degree of success as a listening tool. However, their benefit to business is unclear.

Nowigence entered this market space with technology differentiation. Its platform allows targeted insights to be developed by blending high speed and high complexity search and clustering with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. The result is a uniquely powerful and flexible product ready to meet the full depth and breadth of today’s complex businesses on an ongoing analysis level.

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