Company Background

About Nowigence:

Nowigence monitors over 60,000 public and private sources delivering focused and meaningful data in support of organizational objectives.  Far more than a news service, we are a first-mover looking to transform strategic risk management processes from an abstract, subjective and rule-based approach, into a clear, objective, data and external risk driven, daily practice supporting strategic, growth and tactical decision making across the enterprise.

Company History:

The idea to use secondary market research to drive mitigate critical business risks within small, medium and large businesses/conglomerates.  It became evident that the massive volume of information available through syndicated news, web, blogs and social media requires specialized technology to structure it and create something useful and consumable for companies.

It was only in the second half of 2015 that the founders – Anoop Bhatia and Michael McCreary put pen to paper to draft the initial blue print. They built a core team with expertise in business and large scale, SaaS based, unstructured data management and machine learning.  Product development began early 2016 with a beta version launched in August of the same year.  Early beta customers, ranging from start-up companies to multi-billion conglomerates provided the support, guidance and feedback to shape our initial commercial product launched in January 2017. Since release, we have already  built a strong client base from around the world.

Our Core Belief:

News based information is ephemeral and most of its value is wasted unless connected to an existing knowledge base allowing analysis in context and over time.  

If an organization has sound strategic processes, this means they are doing the right things, while sound operational processes means they are doing things right, a critical trait in being a successful company means excelling in both.

More often than not, organizations try to take on risk at a compliance level while trying to follow regulatory guidelines. Risk mitigation is then done through an internal lens by implementing rule-based systems with the focus on managing preventable internal risks.  But, abstract external-in risks can not be effectively mitigated by simply having employees follow a set of rules.  When leaders employ an approach of strategic orientation, taking an enterprise-wide approach to risk management, it can be designed to reduce the probability of assumed and unassumed risks associated with your strategies.

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